Support from Followers, No Stranger Danger

So you have a ton of followers? Nice! And you want to let them support you? Great! Do all of those fans really need your personal phone number or payment app info? No!

Use Tendy on your social media so your followers and fans can support you without sharing sensitive personal information.

Tendy is better for social media

With Tendy, you get a custom Tendy.me link and QR code to put in your social media profile and posts. And with that, all the benefits of Tendy:


Super fast

Followers can pay you in 2 seconds with Apple Pay or Google Pay that they have already set up


No stranger danger

Share only the information you want on your Tendy.me profile - no full name or phone number required!


Cash out at any time

Withdraw funds from your Tendy account at any time to your Venmo, PayPal, or CashApp wallet



Tendy is 100% free for you to use. Followers have the option to cover the 3% credit card fees for you.


Good for followers

Your followers will also appreciate that they don’t have to share their sensitive personal info, too!


Super simple

Easy to use your Tendy.me link right on your profile, or easily use it with services like Linktr.ee

Step 1: Download the Tendy App

Free download available in Apple iOS or Android, free to use. Create your accout in 5 seconds using a US-based phone number, and then navigate to the Profile tab.

Step 2: Set up your Tendy.me link and profile

Be who you want to be, and share only the info you want to share. Choose your own personalized Tendy.me link, and create a profile with as much, or as little, info as you want. Customize default payment shortcuts to suit your minimum or most frequently used amounts.

Step 3: Use it anywhere on social media

Post your Tendy.me link on the profile section of your favorite social media apps, or use it with link-in-bio services like Linktr.ee or Lightricks. Your followers will love being able to support you with a quick and easy donation, without needing to download an app or sign up for an account themselves.